easy way to type it:   dluush

Lolly Metcalf’s South Slough Milluk

Americanist Phonetic


[ dlu·], then

[ dlu·

[ dluˑʃ ], then

[ dluˑʃ

Instant Phonetic Englishization:  dloosh. 

A Sound Correspondence with Another Word Meaning ‘Clam’: One of the Milluk words that Mrs. Peterson said which refers to a specific kind of clam is | k̯ín·á·k̯ʼ | ‘horse clam’.  That word is interesting to us because the matching Hanis word is:  | k̯íʔnák̯ʼ | ‘horse clam’.  Those Milluk and Hanis words, as a set, provide us with an example of a sound correspondence of [ʔn] in Hanis corresponding to [nˑ] in Milluk.  In other words, this is a sound correspondence of a glottal stop plus n in Hanis corresponding to a Long N [nˑ] in Milluk.  In what we say about the interview segment “Bread”, we identify two examples of a parallel sound correspondence of Hanis [ ʔl ] to Milluk [ lˑ ].  See also the interview segment “Blue” for another example of exactly that sound correspondence.   

A Somewhat Similar Word: There is no Milluk word translated as ‘clam’ in the Milluk texts, but Jacobs asked for a number of words meaning ‘clam’ from Mrs. Peterson, or she volunteered such words.  The closest to the word that Lolly says is Annie’s word | dlɛ́·x̣ |.  It not only begins with the same consonants but also appears to be a general word meaning ‘clam’ like Lolly’s word, where there is no translation which is more specialized about what kind of clam.