‘eye, eyes’,

easy way to type it:    x.walXwal

Lolly Metcalf’s South Slough Milluk

Americanist Phonetic


[ x̣wálx̣wal ],


[ x̣wálx̣wal ]

[ ˈχwɑlχwɑl ],


[ ˈχwɑlχwɑl ]

Link to the Sound File: Click on the link below to get to a page where there is a sound file of this interview segment. 


Instant Phonetic Englishization:  The back X sound in Milluk is very light, almost an h, so saying it like hwahl_hwahl is close to what it sounds like. 

Listen to the Back X [ x̣ ] in the Milluk word aXats ‘cry’, in the interview segment “Crying”, which we write phonetically as [ ʔáx̣ats ], and as [ ˈʔɑχɑts ], in the IPA.  In our easy way to type the Back X, we make a point of writing it as a dotted x, with the dot after the x, but only where the sound is at the beginning of a word.  We use a capital X elsewhere.  

for AMP:  


Annie Miner Peterson’s Milluk

Exactly Jacobs’ transcription

Americanist Phonetic & IPA


[ x̣wálx̣wal ]  


[ χwɑlχwɑl ]