easy way to type it:    gaelae,

or the other way as:   k’aelae

Lolly Metcalf’s South Slough Milluk

Americanist Phonetic


[ g̯ǽ·læ ],


[ k̯ʼǽ·læ ]

[ ˈɡʲæˑlæ ],


[ ˈkʲʼæˑlæ ]

Instant Phonetic Englishization:  galla.  Like the English word ‘gal’, for the first syllable of Lolly’s heavy pronunciation of the word, the one she says first. 

In Coos Bay Milluk, both of Lolly’s two ways of saying this word must have been perfectly correct.  The second way that Lolly says the word begins with an ejective which is Annie’s way of saying it, just as we have it in our table of transcriptions.  Annie also has another version of the word which is | k̯ʼílɛ | which we also see in the Milluk texts along with | k̯ʼɛ́·lɛ |.   

for AMP:   



Annie Miner Peterson’s Milluk

Exactly Jacobs’ transcription

Americanist Phonetic & IPA


[ k̯ʼǽ·læ ]    


[ ˈkʲʼæˑlæ ]