‘He is happy.’, ‘She is happy.’,

easy way to type it:    gael_d@_luwe

Lolly Metcalf’s South Slough Milluk

Americanist Phonetic


[ g̯ǽ·l də‿luwɛ ],


[ g̯ǽ·l dəʔ‿luwɛ ]

­[ ˈɡʲæˑl də‿luwɛ,


[ ˈɡʲæˑl dəʔ‿luwɛ

The first word in this expression is a short version of the Milluk word meaning ‘good’ which Lolly pronounces as [ g̯ǽ·læ ] and also as [ k̯ʼǽ·læ ] in the interview segment “Good”.  The last word is the Milluk word heaning ‘heart’, while the middle word is the third person possessive proclitic pronoun / də / which in this expression translates as ‘his’ or ‘her’. 


Instant Phonetic Englishization:  gal_duh_loo_weh. 

Annie Miner Peter­son said expressions in the Milluk texts which are relevant to understanding what we hear Lolly say in this interview segment.  We find these expressions by searching in the Milluk texts for the English words ‘thought’ and ‘think’.  In our table of transcriptions, we do not presume to put the expression together the way that Annie would say it, because we just do not know if she would have had her own short version of the word meaning ‘good’ which we hear from Lolly, which happens to have Lolly’s heavy pronunciation of the ejective that begins that word. 


for AMP:  

Annie Miner Peterson’s Milluk

Exactly Jacobs’ transcription

Americanist Phonetic & IPA

k̯ʼɛ́·lɛ  ‘good’,



də  ‘his/her/its’

lúwɛ   ‘heart’

[ k̯ʼǽ·læ ]


[ ˈkʲʼæˑlæ ]

[ ] & []

[ lúwæ


[ ˈluwæ ]