‘woman’s dress’,

easy way to type it:    waetlh’

Lolly Metcalf’s Coos Bay Milluk

Americanist Phonetic


Confusion until at the end Lolly says:

[ wæ·tɫʼ ]

Confusion until at the end Lolly says:

[ wæˑtɬʼ ]

Instant Phonetic Englishization:  watt!. 

Confusion, but a Robust Ejective: Lolly Metcalf never actually says any expression in this interview segment that means ‘naked’.  Swadesh was trying to get her to say / ʔami wæˑtɬ’ / literally ‘be without a woman’s dress’, which could be said to mean ‘naked’ or ‘nude’.  In a Milluk text the expression translates as ‘she be without clothes’.  Lolly does say the Milluk word [ wæˑtɬʼ ] ‘woman’s dress’, as the very last thing that she says in this interview segment.  The second time that she says it has maybe the most robust pronunciation that she has of that particular ejective in the interview.  Almost everything else in this interview segment, including the time that she says the word before that, is confusion about how to say ‘naked’ in Milluk and mispronunciations of Milluk words.  Swadesh, for his part does a good job of pronouncing the Milluk word [ wæˑtɬʼ ] ‘woman’s dress’.  The three successful times between them of saying the Milluk word [ wæˑtɬʼ ] ‘woman’s dress’ in this interview segment perfectly match how Melville Jacobs transcribed Annie Miner Peterson saying the Milluk word [ wæˑtɬʼ ] ‘woman’s dress’, which she said some thirteen different times when dictating Milluk texts to Jacobs.   

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Annie Miner Peterson’s Milluk

Exactly Jacobs’ transcription

Americanist Phonetic & IPA




[ wæ·tɫʼ


[ wæˑtɬʼ ]