easy way to write it: 

ts’Xwiinnaegh, and ts’Xwiinnaagh  

Lolly Metcalf’s South Slough Milluk

Am. Phonetic


[ tsʼx̣wi·n·æɣ ],


[ tsʼx̣wi·n·aɣ ]

[ tsʼχwiˑnˑæɣ ],


[ tsʼχwiˑnˑɑɣ ]

Instant Phonetic Englishization: ts!ween_naghh and ts!ween_nah_ghh. 

Our table of transcriptions here is complicated by the fact that we have two different versions of this word from both of our native speakers of Milluk.  Lolly Metcalf has two versions of the word in her interview, and Annie Miner Peterson has two versions of the word in the Milluk texts.  The difference is the vowel in the final syllable of the word.  For Mrs. Peterson’s two versions of the word see the Millik text titled “The persons coon killed”, in Jacobs’ (1940) “Coos Myth Texts”, on pages 147-148.  The word ap­pears there twice as | tsʼx̣wə́n·ɛɣ | with the vowel in the last syllable represented by Jacobs as | ɛ |, and the word also appears there twice as | tsʼx̣wə́n·aɣ |, with the vowel in the last syllable repre­sented as | a |.  The two different versions of the word appear to be in free variation.  

for AMP:


ts’Xwiinnaegh, and ts’Xwiinnaagh

Annie Miner Peterson’s Milluk

Exact Jacobs

Am. Phon. & IPA






[ tsʼx̣wə́n·æɣ


[ ˈtsʼχwənˑæɣ ],  


[ tsʼx̣wə́n·æɣ ]


[ ˈtsʼχwənˑɑɣ ]