‘sad’, literally ‘his/her heart is sick’

easy way to type it:    

xaenwis d@’luwe

Lolly Metcalf’s Coos Bay Milluk

Americanist Phonetic


Lolly is trying to say:

[ x̣ǽnwɪs


Lolly is trying to say:

[ ˈχænwɪs


Instant Phonetic Englishization:  hhann_wiss  duh’_loo_weh. 

What we actually hear Lolly say is:

[ x̣ǽnwɪs  dʔ‿lúwɛ ], then [ sǽnwɪs  dəʔ‿lúwɛ ],

which in an IPA transcription is:

[ ˈχænwɪs  dʔ‿lúwɛ ], then [ ˈsænwɪs  dəʔ‿ˈluwɛ ]. 

We cannot be absolutely sure that Lolly’s pronunciation of the word meaning ‘sick’ beginning with [ s ] is just a mistake.  See the interview segment “My Belly Hurts” for a still different pronunciation of the word meaning ‘sick’ which we think is not just a mistake. 

The Grammatical Construction:  There is no exact match in the Milluk texts for what Lolly says but many examples of the grammatical construction involved which can also be heard in the interview segment “Happy”.