easy way to type it:    sdlaede

Lolly Metcalf’s South Slough Milluk

Americanist Phonetic


[ sdlǽdɛ ],


[ sdlǽdɛ ]

[ ˈsdlædɛ ],


[ ˈsdlædɛ ]  

Another Interview Segment with the Milluk Word Meaning ‘snow’:  Another place to hear this word is in the interview segment “Ice Try”, where late in the interview Swadesh asked again for a Milluk word meaning ‘ice’, but Lolly say this word meaning ‘snow’.  Especially when we listen to that interview segment, we are not sure that we really hear [ sdl ] at the beginning of the word and not just [ sl ]. 

In the Milluk Texts: In a Milluk text titled “Snow is the ashes from the hearth of the giant spider", in Jacobs’ (1939) volume of Coos texts, on page 100, Annie Miner Peterson has other forms of this Milluk word that means ‘snow’, such as saying | tƚə_sdlá·lis | ‘the snow’.  What Lolly says is evidently a form of the Coos Bay Milluk version of a verb meaning ‘snow’.