easy way to type it:    timmhlii

Lolly Metcalf’s Coos Bay Milluk

Americanist Phonetic


[ tɪ́mɫi ],


[ tɪ́mɫi ]  

[ ˈtɪmɬi ],


[ ˈtɪmɬi ]  

Instant Phonetic Englishization:  tim_hlee. 

The Long Consonant: There are other forms of the word, as pronounced by Mrs. Peterson, but Jacobs is consistent about the long m.   See what we say about the long L [ lˑ ] in the Milluk word meaning ‘child’, where we also do not get to hear an obviously long consonant from Lolly Metcalf, but where we are sure that Annie Miner Peterson had a long conconant.  

for AMP:   


Annie Miner Peterson’s Milluk

Exactly Jacobs’ transcription

Americanist Phonetic & IPA




[ tɪ́m·ɫi ]   


[ ˈtɪmˑɬi ]